The HSTL Community Share Offer was successfully concluded in 2015


With the money raised and input from the Department for Transport we were able to buy a second minibus.  The two minibuses will be used by:


  • A cluster 10 local schools using two minibuses for whole class trips during the day
  • Local community groups in the evenings, weekends and school holidays


About the HSTL community share offer

HSTL is a Community Benefit Society that is locating shared-access minibuses in the community for use by not for profit groups and organisations.  Similar to a car club this makes it possible for a group to have access to minibuses without having to own one.  Use of shared-access minibuses is optimised by different organisations using them at different times; the primary school during the day, cricket club in the evening and football supporters at the weekend, for example.  This minimises vehicle down time and reduces the cost per trip.  For nearly 2 years HSTL has demonstrated this approach by operating 1 fully accessible 17 seat minibus, driven by volunteers from the groups that use it.  This share offer will raise the capital required to buy a second minibus.  Using 2 minibuses together will enable the 7 schools involved to reduce the transport cost for educational trips by 60%.  And a wider geographical set of community groups will use the minibuses in the evenings, at weekends and in the school holidays.  In other areas, where there is greater employment, the intention is to develop this model to include commuter transport.

Any questions about the share offer should be emailed to: 


Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents can be found via this web link: Supporting documents

  • HSTL share offer document
  • HSTL business plan
  • HSTL accounts and financial forecast
  • HSTL certified rules
  • *Seed EIS advance assurance
  • Letters of support

Shares can be bought at:

Registered company number - IP032011