Micro Car Club

In response to Covid -19, many people in the UK are planning to commute by bike and leave their car at home. HSTL is piloting a platform that links the shared use of these bikes and cars so that this change can be made more easily and become permanent.


This video explains the first Micro Car Club (MCC) to be formed:  https://youtu.be/hO_CeC7f0bg

Three other MCCs are now being developed in Hayfield,New Mills and Edale. They are all restricted Transport Groups involving two or three households which establish their compatibility at the start.

Before Covid-19, MCCs were intended to work in combination with rail commuter shuttles. Now it is porposed that they are combine with E-bike clubs

Having access to the Station Shuttle or and E-bike club makes it possible for the commuter to leave their car at home for use by the other member(s) of their MCC.  This is of particular benefit to heath care workers and delivery drivers who need to use the car during the day but can leave it to be accessed by the rail commuter at other times.


Contact: Roland Strube







Registered company number - IP032011