Community minibuses 

Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd (HSTL) has three fully accessible, 17 seat minibus which it makes available to not for profit organisations and community groups.  

The minibuses can be driven under a normal Category B1 car driving licence.  Drivers need to be MiDAS certified, HSTL provides free MiDAS training and assessment to its drivers (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)).  The official status of drivers is that they are driving for HSTL as volunteers and not for their own community group.

Membership and Booking the Minibus:  To book the minibus it is necessary to be member of HSTL.  A membership form can be downloaded here.  Once you have become a member of HSTL and registered on this website you will be given access to booking the minibus.  This process is necessary as HSTL operates the minibus under a section 19 permit which exempts us from having a Public Service Vehicle Licence.  This means that we cannot provide transport to the general public, only to our members.

Charges:  £42 per day (£7 per hour if less than 6 hrs) plus 70p per mile, which includes fuel.

Drivers:  All drivers will need to be MiDAS certified.  Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme (MiDAS) training will be provided to all drivers, free of charge by HSTL.  Drivers will also need to have copies of their driving licences kept on file by HSTL.  The minibus is fitted with a remote access system that allows a registered user to unlock it using their mobile phone.  This overcomes the problem of getting the keys to lots of different drivers.

Location:  The minibus is kept in the car park of the Royal Hotel.  HSTL is very grateful to the Royal Hotel for allowing this. 

Terms and Conditions:  By booking the minibus you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set down here.

Registered company number - IP032011