About us

Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd (HSTL) was incorporated in 2013 as a not for profit, Community Benefit Society.  For six years it operated a pilot involving two community minibuses. The pilot learned from the way Transport Groups formed in order to use the minibuses and how others failed to form. Based on this work HSTL became a partner in an EU project, MaaS4EU, which aims to develop 'Mobility as a Service' across Europe. HSTL’s part in this is to develop MaaS systems that allow Transport Groups to form more easily, allowing users to take control and responsibility for developing new services that fill the gaps in existing transport provision. The demonstrate the use of its'Transport Group Systems' HSLT is trialling four types of Transport Group:

  • Station Shuttle
  • Micro Car Club
  • Electric bike Club
  • Local Transport Group Network








Registered company number - IP032011